James Webb Telescope UNEXPECTED Discovery in Space Changes Everything!

Science Discoveries

Technology varies time to time. Astonishing vistas of the cosmos have been provided by the Hubble Space Telescope. The time of Hubble has not yet ended because the venerable Hubble remains an astronomical workhorse, making crucial studies of the cosmos while Webb enjoys the limelight. “Hubble is actually at its peak scientific performance now,” Wiseman said. That’s thanks to a team of NASA technical experts on the ground who monitor and quickly address any technical challenges that arise, she added. “The number of proposals from scientists around the world who want to use Hubble has risen to over 1,000 per year, with only the top fraction of these selected for actual observations,” Wiseman said, adding, “Many of these complements proposed Webb observations.” “Hubble’s science return is expected to be strong, and even enhanced throughout this decade as Webb and Hubble unveil the universe together.”

Credit Cosmos Lab