Top 15 OLDEST Trees Still Living

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The battle for the title of ‘the oldest tree still living’ is an on-going battle. But the battle is not as simple as it seems. Some trees of non-clonal, and some are clonal, so the battle is a ‘clone war’ of sorts. Clonal trees are genetically identical trees that share one root system, so their can be lots of clonal trees of different ages. Non-clonal trees don’t do that – they don’t practice cloning. And when it comes to the oldest tree still living, there is a distinction between clonal and non-clonal trees. So, in short, there isn’t just ‘one title’ for the world’s oldest tree that’s still living. There are several based on the type of tree. Today, we’re going to take a look at them all, from the most ancient non-clonal, to the oldest clonal. Here are the Top 15 Oldest Trees Still Living.

Credit Top Fives

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