15 MOST UNIQUE and AMAZING Beaches on Earth

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Surf. Sand. Sun. That’s usually what we think of when we think of beaches, right? A place to roll out a beach blanket and cop a tan. Maybe play some water sports. Surf a wave or two. Or just chillax and indulge in a tropical drink. And where some of the world’s most popular beaches allow beach-goers to do just that, there are some beaches that exist little outside the ‘beach box.’ Shards of wave-worn glass. Bioluminescent microbes. Sands of every color, chunks of diamond icebergs, and self-dug spas, the beaches on this list are nothing short of amazing. So sit back and prepare to be stunned, as we go way beyond ‘white sand and azure waters’. Today, we’re counting down 10 Amazing Beaches on Earth.

Credit Top Fives